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Welcome to the Premier Program™

Our worry-free solution removes all of the common headaches associated with owning an expensive heating and cooling system.


See all the benefits that the Premier Program provides for a low monthly payment.

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Annual Maintenance Included
















Compare the Difference: See how the Premier Program™ stacks up.

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No hassle, worry-free service

Everything your system need, worry-free!

No charge annual maintenance

Keep your system running at peak efficiency.

No charge covered repairs

If breaks, you get 24/7 priority scheduling and you’re covered (parts & labor).

No charge consumable parts

U/V bulbs, air filters, and other consumables are included in the price.

No hidden charges or fees

Stop paying trip, diagnostic, and overtime fees.

No large up-front payment

Everything included in one affordable monthly payment.

Most advanced home comfort systems

Heating and cooling systems.

FAQs and Benefits

  • What is the installation process and how long does it take?
    The installation is performed by Absolute Best Air. Installations in most cases take about a day. Absolute Best Air will set up a time and day for the installation that is most convenient for you and fits with your schedule.
  • Who do I contact with questions about the home comfort system?
    For questions concerning the home comfort system, contact Absolute Best Air. Contact information is included in your Premier Program agreement.
  • What happens to my old home comfort system?
    Absolute Best Air will safely remove and dispose of your old home comfort system in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Will someone show me how to work the home comfort system and the controls?
    Yes. Absolute Best Air will answer all your questions concerning how the home comfort system works, walk you through how to properly operate the new controls and show you how to change the consumable parts as required.
  • What brands of home comfort equipment do I get with the Premier Program?
    Absolute Best Air works with several quality, nationally recognized HVAC, plumbing, and electrical manufacturers. Based on your specific home comfort needs, Absolute Best Air will recommend the best options for you to consider.
  • Are there additional costs, other than the Premier Program monthly payment?
    With the Premier Program, all home comfort system maintenance, consumable parts (air filters and UV bulbs) and covered repairs are included per the terms of your Premier Program agreement.
  • Who do I contact if I want to transfer the Premier Program service?
    If you wish to transfer your Premier Program agreement, please contact Service 1st Financial, LLC, and one of our dedicated customer service team members will review your options with you. You can contact us via email at or call us toll-free at (888) 342-7005.
  • Who do I contact with questions about my bill or making a payment?
    For billing questions, please contact Service 1st Financial, LLC, and one of our dedicated customer service team members will answer any of your questions. You can contact us via email at or call us toll-free at (888) 342-7005.
  • How long does this Premier Program service last? What happens when it ends?
    The standard term for the Premier Program is 10 years. At the end of the standard term, you may elect to do any of the following (subject to the terms and conditions of your Premier Program agreement): 1)upgrade to a new system, 2) extend your Premier Program agreement, 3) exercise your purchase option, or 4) return the system.
  • If the home comfort system breaks down, how fast will you service it?
    As a Premier Program™ member, you can expect priority service should the heating and cooling system ever need servicing. Please contact Absolute Best Air and one of their qualified service technicians typically will be dispatched to your home within 24 hours or less.
  • How do I schedule maintenance of the home comfort system?
    Contact Absolute Best Air through the website contact form or by calling (404) 849-1938.
  • What if I sell my house?
    If you sell your home, you have a couple options with the Premier Program Option 1: Contact us to apply to transfer the service to the new homeowner; upon the new homeowner being approved for the Premier Program and executing required documentation, they will assume responsibility for any remaining payments. Option 2: Contact Service 1st Financial to exercise your purchase option, as detailed in your Premier Program agreement. Under this option, you will take ownership of the system and program benefits will cease upon your exercise of the purchase option.

Questions? Give us a Call: (404) 849-1938

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